Bag Flair D Ring

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1.5": for smol straps up to 1" wide fits Nena MCDB, minis, Baggu Fanny Packs, Cloud Bags

2": for the BBHs, for straps up to 1.5" (Fits Nena TPB & CDB and some weekenders), Baggu Crescent Bags

2.5": for bigger bags, for straps up to 2" (fits some weekenders, crossbody straps, etc) Fits Baggu Should Bags

brass, 1.5", and 2.5" coming in a few weeks


Shape of Carabiner may vary based on availability. Some like Rose Gold will be a locking Oval carabiner, Some will be a spring oval carabiner, some will be locking D ring carabiners. All of them work great!